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dx360 m2 BIOS settings

As part of SC’10 Sumavi will be installing the IBM iDataplex demo rack.  As such, I got a pair of iDataplex dx360s to install.  I fired them up and they both started running.  The cool thing about these machines is that they are much quieter than what I remember.  The BIOS updates or something must have fixed this.  So kudos to that.

The other cool thing about the iDataplex dx360 M2 is that I can just plug it into my wall and it starts booting right away.

But here’s the suckiness:

  • Booting up takes forever.  This is the same as the HP BL460c G6s I just had.  For some reason the industry has decided that longer boot up times may save time somewhere else.
  • The BIOS updates are well… not as fast.  There were a few times I was waiting.

So those are my initial impressions.  Now, the first cool thing to do is the BIOS settings:

While the boot up will still be slow, with these options in place it seems to go much faster.  Since PXE booting is how you manage these things then its a pretty good setup.

IPMI Settings

On a node to set IPMI settings:
ipmitool lan set 1 ipaddr
ipmitool lan set 1 netmask
ipmitool lan set 1 arp respond on
ipmitool user set password 1 admin
ipmitool lan set 1 access on
ipmitool lan set 1 user
ipmitool lan set 1 auth ADMIN PASSWORD
ipmitool user enable 1

To access it now remotely:
ipmitool -H -P admin chassis status

Some more stuff I had to do on another system that was a Penguin machine:

ipmitool user list 2

ipmitool user priv 2 4 2  (sets userid 2 to permission4 (which is administrator) on channel 2)