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IPMI Madness

Here are some commands for reference that my friend Shadd sent me.  Some of them are IPMI, while the others are dmidecode commands to get system information.  Thanks Shadd!

Are the system fans are all working?  Or just not moving?

 psh <noderange> ipmitool sdr |grep "| 0 RPM"

BMC firmware level check

 psh -g <noderange> 'ipmitool -I open bmc info | grep -A3 "Firmware Revision" |sort' | xcoll

Clear the BMC Error Log cluster wide

 psh <noderange> ipmitool sel clear

Check the Fan Controller Board firmware level

 psh <noderange> 'ipmitool raw 0x34 0x16' |xcoll # works on Dell, maybe others?

Check why each node rebooted last

 psh <noderange> 'ipmitool chassis restart_cause |sort' |xcoll

Check PSU states

 psh <noderange> ipmitool sensor |grep POUT |xcoll

C6100 and IPMItool on individual nodes
Identify chassis with beacon light

 ipmitool -H ${NODE} -U root -P root chassis identify

Serial Over Lan session

 ipmitool -e ?. -I lanplus -H ${NODE} -U root -P root sol activate

Seting BMC/DRAC time

 ipmitool -H ${NODE} -U root -P root sel time set "01/21/2011 16:20:44" &

System Inventory Data

 ipmitool -H ${NODE} -U root -P root fru

Cassis/Power Sub info

 ipmitool -H ${NODE} -U root -P root chassis status

Chassis power State

 ipmitool -H ${NODE} -U root -P root chassis power status

Power-On Hours counter

 ipmitool -H ${NODE} -U root -P root chassis poh

Cause of last reboot

 ipmitool -H ${NODE} -U root -P root chassis restart_cause

Sel Log

 ipmitool -H ${NODE} -U root -P root sel list

Sensor Data Records

 ipmitool -H ${NODE} -U root -P root sdr

Sensor thresholds wide table format

 ipmitool -H ${NODE} -U root -P root sensor

Health Check Commands
BIOS Level Check (usually xCAT’s rinv will give this to you on some nodes as well)

 psh <noderange> 'dmidecode | grep -A3 "BIOS Information" | grep Version' | xcoll

Check System Memory

 psh <noderange> free |grep Mem |awk {'print $1 $3'} | xcoll

Check 6100 DIMM Slots

 psh <noderange> dmidecode -t 17 |egrep '(Size: 4096)|(Bank Locator: DIMM01)|(Bank Locator: DIMM03)|(Bank Locator: DIMM05)|(Bank Locator: DIMM07)|(Bank Locator: DIMM09)|(Bank Locator: DIMM11)' | xcoll

Check R710 DIMM Slots

 psh <noderange> dmidecode -t 17 |egrep '(Size: 8192)|(Locator: DIMM_A1)|(Locator: DIMM_A2)|(Locator: DIMM_A3)|(Locator: DIMM_A4)|(Locator: DIMM_A5)|(Locator: DIMM_A6)|(Locator: DIMM_A7)|(Locator: DIMM_A8)|(Locator: DIMM_A9)|(Locator: DIMM_B1)|(Locator: DIMM_B2)|(Locator: DIMM_B3)|(Locator: DIMM_B4)|(Locator: DIMM_B5)|(Locator: DIMM_B6)|(Locator: DIMM_B7)|(Locator: DIMM_B8)|(Locator: DIMM_B9)'

Check IB State

 psh <noderange> ibstat | egrep '(State: Active)' | xcoll