• http://www.it.northwestern.edu John Walsh

    Is there some documentation somewhere that describes the following settings:

    set uEFI.TurboModeEnable Enable
    set uEFI.AdjacentCacheLinePrefetch Disable
    set uEFI.OperatingMode “Efficiency Mode”

    There seems to be a variance in our iDataPlex cluster and some nodes are are set with TurboMode Enabled, others disabled. Most of them are also set to OperatingMode = “Custom Mode.”

    The problem that I am seeing is that on a handful of the nodes we are seeing a lower memory performance then others. Streams reports back on average about 28 GB/s but on a handful of nodes it is around 20% lower or around 24 GB/s. Any suggestions or thoughts?

  • http://benincosa.com Vallard

    We have also been seeing strange problems that development has not given us any answer to. For example, our nodes have the same BIOS and IMM firmware level, yet give different results:

    Some nodes are set to:
    uEFI.OperatingMode=Custom Mode
    while others are set to
    uEFI.Operating Mode=Custom

    asu showvalues is different too:
    uEFI.Operating Mode=Minimum Acoustic/Power Mode==Performance Mode=Custom
    uEFI.OperatingMode==Acoustic Mode=Efficiency Mode=Performance Mode

    Another example is uEFI.PackageCState
    uEFI.PackageCState=C3 state vs uEFI.PackageCState=ACPI C3
    Again, “showvalues” does match the settings
    uEFI.PackageCState=C0 state=C1 state=C3 state==C7 state=No Limit
    uEFI.PackageCState=C0 state=C1 state=ACPI C2==C7 state=No Limit

    We’ve been told to upgrade the firmware and determine whether or not this helps.

    As far as documentation, I have not been privy to any, and sure wish I could.

    My thoughts:
    1. Reseting to factory defaults, yanking the planars, and then running ASU seems to yield better results.
    2. I’m leary about running ASU on the node itself, butter to run ASU remotely using the –host option.

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