xCAT and RHAS4 update 4

Recently I had to add support for xCAT to install Red Hat 4 update 4 for a project I was working on.  I’m using development versions of xCAT 2.3 before all the xnba stuff got put in, so its a real hodgepodge of code.

Here is how I did it.

1.  copy the cds:

copycds -n rh4 RHEL4-U4-x86_64-AS-disc*.iso

2.  Make a new tree:

cd /opt/xcat/share/xcat/install
cp -a rh rh4

3.  Edit Kickstart file

RH4 update 4 doesn’t have the –key skip option like it does in RH5 so I had to edit that out of the kickstart template in

cd /opt/xcat/share/xcat/install/rh4/
mv compute.rhel4.tmpl compute.tmpl

4.  Install a node:

rinstall i03 -o rh4 -p compute -a x86_64

5.  Sit back and relax!  …Well, if you boot the right node.  Turns out I had new hardware and an old OS!  So it cried that it couldn’t find the disk driver of a dx360 M2.   Now I really didn’t want to go down that path of patching the kernel and ramdisk.  I used to do that a lot for systems… So this time, I was fortunate in that I had an older machine (x346) that I could just use instead…


Its so nice when things work right away.