UCS emulator on ESXi

“Recently we put the UCS emulator on our ESXi server to kick the tires and check out the API.  The Emulator can be downloaded from Cisco.  (You need to register to download it). The emulator is to be used with VMware Player out of the box.  That was fine, but we wanted to take a […]

Dell IPMI issues with xCAT

One of our customers had some Dell R410 machines that were humming along just nicely.  One day something happened and all of the sudden xCAT rpower stopped working.  Was it that we updated the firmware?  Was it new xCAT code?  We couldn’t figure it out. Our first epiphany came when we realized that ipmitool worked […]

Debugging Syncfiles in xCAT

#!/usr/bin/awk -f BEGIN { #  if (ENVIRON[“USEOPENSSLFORXCAT”]) { #      server = “openssl s_client -quiet -connect ” ENVIRON[“XCATSERVER”] ” 2> /dev/null” #  } else { #      server = “/inet/tcp/0/” #  } server = “openssl s_client -quiet -connect “ quit = “no” exitcode = 1 print “<xcatrequest>” |& server print ”   […]

Another Reason for xCAT

Another testament of the power of xCAT was shown to me today.  We had a machine with an amber light on it, meaning:  “Something is wrong with this server”.  The system engineer came out and reseated everything.  Then they went through and replaced the entire system board thinking that would help.  When that didn’t solve […]

The xCAT 2010 Year in Review

DISCLAIMER:  I’m not the official gatekeeper of xCAT, and I don’t work for IBM. But as a large contributor to the xCAT project, as well as a user, I figured I had just as much authorization to write about what happened to xCAT in 2010 as anyone else does.  And the best part is:  I’m […]

ESXi 4.1 and HP BL460c G6 with Mezzenine card

Had an issue where I would install CentOS on these HP blades and I would be able to see 16 nics.  But when I installed ESXi 4.1 I only saw 8 nics.  16 is the right number because each flexNIC has 4 vNics.  So with 4 of these, I wanted to see some serious bandwidth.  […]

ImageX Windows 2008 with vCenter Server

With xCAT I used the imagex capabilities to clone a machine (virtual machine) with vCenter on it and now I’m installing that captured image to another virtual machine.  One reason I do it this way as opposed to creating a VM Template is that now I’m able to deploy to physical and virtual servers.  In […]

State of xCAT on HP Blades

I had the opportunity this week to test drive xCAT on HP blades. I had a c7000 chassis with some spiffy BL460c G6s. The configuration is very straight forward. We’ve updated the xCAT Install Guide to include how to configure the blades and I think we’ll be doing a lot more. Currently on these blades […]

The xCAT Documentation Problem

Ever since 2001 I remember hearing the same thing about xCAT: “The documentation needs improvement”, “There is a steep learning curve”. Back in those days the quick xCAT-mini-howto was a great way to get going. The problem is that it left out a lot of the important details like service nodes, offloading tftp servers, etc. […]