IBM Advanced Management Module Java Setup for Linux

Here’s a common problem: You have a Linux server and you want to open up the AMM and look at the remote video of one of your IBM blades. You do it and you see a nasty note telling you that you need to download java for this to work. Well, that’s true, but there’s […]

SVN with xCAT

This is how I check out the latest xCAT SVN to make code updates.  I just added Fedora 11 today. svn co svn co svn ci -m “added Fedora 11 x86_64 support”

KVM with RHEL5.4

Installing KVM with RHEL5.4 is pretty easy.  These were some of my notes that I hope you can somewhat follow along with. I have since done it with RHEL5.5 with the same results. Here’s how I got my virtual machine up: 1. Install Packages [cc lang=”bash”] yum -y install kvm python-virtinst libvirt libvirt-python virt-manager virt-viewer […]

VMware Fusion on OS X disabling DHCP

I do a lot of provisioning on my vmware machines to test features of xCAT.  VMware’s built in DHCP server conflicts with my own.  I turn it off by issuing: sudo kill -15 sudo cat /var/run/ Then I take DHCP into my own hands.

Configuration Management

Last week I researched a few different configuration management tools.  Configuration Management is the art, or act of managing lots of computers in some organized fashion.  The act of managing a computer involves what is put on the machine as far as software and also figuring out permissions, environmentals etc.  The problem isn’t complex when […]

xCAT and RHAS4 update 4

Recently I had to add support for xCAT to install Red Hat 4 update 4 for a project I was working on.  I’m using development versions of xCAT 2.3 before all the xnba stuff got put in, so its a real hodgepodge of code. Here is how I did it. 1.  copy the cds: