Drone on CoreOS for CI/CD

I’m working on a moving my CI/CD platform to Drone.  As usual, I’m behind a corporate firewall

1. Install CoreOS

This is just a standard CoreOS image on OpenStack

2. Configure Proxy

Now update to get latest settings so Docker works

3. Get Drone

4. Register application in your github account.

Since I’m using an enterprise version of github, I went into the organization and created an oath account


5. Create a configuration file with the environment

I created /vol/dronerc.  My /vol directory is a persistent storage volume mounted to my vm.  The contents are as follows:

6. Start up Drone

Now we can go to our page and open up our Drone app.

You can see that I mapped the default 8000 port to port 80 so that I can access it directly from my server, which is hosted internally at