iOS NSStreamDelegates, Grand Central Dispatch, & NSNotificationCenter

One of the more difficult design patterns I’ve managed to get working in Objective-C while developing an iOS app is one that requires NSStreamDelegates, Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) and NSNotificationCenter.  This design pattern comes into play in the following situation: Application launches Application does some communication with a server in the background When the server […]

UCS Tech Specs

My first iOS app has been published on iTunes! It’s called UCS Tech Specs. The purpose of the app was really just to help me get more familiar with the Cisco UCS product line. I have a hard time searching for tech sheets on my computer that have all the details people ask me about […]

iOS app submitted to iTunes Connect

I just submitted my first app to iTunes using Xcode4 and iTunes Connect. There was a bit of a learning curve, but after hacking away at it last night I’m happy to say its sitting in Apple’s queue waiting for review. First off, let me say that even though its a total pain there are […]

Welcome to iPhone development

Last year I learned Ruby and Ruby on Rails.  So in keeping with that good advice to learn a new program language every year, I thought this year I would tackle objective C and Apple’s IDE (xcode).  Why not?  iPhones are fun and the only reason I was able to talk my wife into letting […]

iPhone App development

Last night I tried my hand at iPhone development.  I watched the Stanford classes on iTunes U.  The first class by Evan Doll was ok.  Since I’ve been programming for a while, really the only thing that helped was the last 15 minutes where he gave a demo of it.  The demo didn’t work and […]

The State of My iPhone

The State of my iPhone is good.  I’m super happy with it, and its by far the best phone I’ve ever had.  I can’t say I’ve ever had a blackberry, but from what I’ve seen from the competition I have not been impressed.  So I remain an Apple fan, and I don’t think the Android […]