Jumphost SSH config

Oh, you have a jumphost? And then you want to get to another server that is behind that server on a private network?  If both servers are configured with the same key this can be accomplished by putting an SSH config file entry like the one below:

To get to the amster server I […]

Corkscrew: SSH over HTTP Proxy

I found myself behind a firewall that didn’t allow SSH to the outside world.  They did allow an HTTP proxy though.  So I thought:  Let’s make sure we can get out!  After all, I needed to download some of my code from Github, make changes, and then upload again. Here’s how I did it. 1. […]

SSH tunnel for Adium Accounts

Sometimes you’ll be at a place where your IRC client can’t connect to something like irc.freenode.net.  This is where ‘behind corporate firewalls’ turns into ‘behind enemy lines’.  IRC is invaluable because there are people who can help you with your problems… but they are on the outside. Here is how I solve that for a […]

SSH: The ultimate firewall poker

I’m in a hotel tonight and my internet connection is slow.  My friend sent me some cool YouTube videos that I wanted to check out and I was wondering if the hotel was limiting the bandwidth of YouTube?  A few days ago a friend of mine and I were talking about how to bypass corporate […]

opening VNC from behind a firewall

Here is the cast of characters: 1. blopr: A server that is behind a company firewall that I want to view its vnc session 2. netnet: A server that is on the internet that I have access to. 3. Me: The humble system admin who wants to view the VNC session on blopr. Here is […]