App crazy

I’ve been going a little app crazy to start out this year, and I’m very pleased with the results.  With the help of others, I’ve released updates to the two Cisco based apps: UCS Tech Specs, and FlexPod Tech Specs.  And I’ve finally released the xCAT iOS client!  Hurray!

I’ve been doing all this for the past several months during that precious moments I have after the kids go to bed and I drift off to sleep.  Lucky for me, my wife has enough interesting projects going on in her life that she doesn’t miss me… too much!  Don’t get me wrong:  We still find time to go out and have a great time. And for those times when my day job also becomes my night job, you can see why it takes a long time for many of these projects to get done.  Whew!

There are also many other projects cooking.  With my coworker Tige Phillips at Cisco, we are slowly creating SiMU HD, an iPad version of SiMU pro that will manage UCS systems.  …Well, I should restate that:  He’s doing most of the work and I’m lending a hand!

I’ve also thought about starting a little game development?  How about a game for managing clusters?  A game for managing UCS that gives you prizes for learning how to do certain cool features?  Ha!  Yes, I have a lot of bad ideas!  Hope you have a great February!

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