CCIE Data Center Exam

The CCIE Data Center exam was announced in March of this year.  The list of topics is quite comprehensive.  I for one was stoked to see it announced as I wasn’t even thinking about doing a CCIE until this came up.

After some prodding from my team mates, I signed up for the Beta written exam and I took it today.  120 questions covering UCS, Nexus 7000, 5000, 1000v, MDS.  I don’t know the results of the test because the exam is in beta form and they won’t give out a passing score until after the beta period ends.

My overall feeling of the written exam in its current encarnation is that it is passible.  The UCS stuff I know pretty well.  The other topics… well, I could use some work.  But having taken it (and after all its only $50) then I think I’m ready to get serious and go for the CCIE.  I’m setting a timeline of Fall 2013 to have it passed.  Guess we’ll see.

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