Nexus 1000v Layer 3

Layer 3 mode is the recommended way to configure VSM to VEM communication in the Nexus 1000v.   Layer 3 mode keeps things simple and easier to troubleshoot.

I kept my design very simple.  There’s one VLAN (509) that I run my ESXi hosts on.  The IP addresses are  Just to give you an example:

ESXi Host1:
ESXi Host2:


Using this I had a simple uplink port-profile defined:

And a simple management port-profile:

I had everything set up right… I thought.  The only problem was (before, not in the output above) is that I couldn’t see my VEMs! They were all hooked up in vCenter and I was even running traffic through them. But no VEMs:

I finally stumbled upon this nice document and realized I hadn’t enabled l3control.  Doing that:

And Bam!  Everything worked:


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