A Nexus 1000v Value Proposition

There’s a lot of collateral about why the Nexus 1000v would be a good thing to have in your virtual environment.  When I talk to people about it one of my first questions is:

“Who manages the virtual networking environment in the data center?”

Most of the time its the virtual machine administrators.  Its usually not the networking team. Typically the network team stops at the physical access layer and anything on the server is the responsibility of the server administrator (which is also the VM administrator)

If the shop is big enough, the second question I usually ask is:

“Would you like the networking team to manage the virtual networking environment?”

Most of the time this is greeted enthusiastically.  After all, the networking team has to troubleshoot the VMware environment anyway.  Why not just give them control of it?  That’s one less problem the virtual administrative team has to deal with.

That’s one of the best benefits of the Nexus 1000v.  Those old lines of demarkations are back.  And the cool thing?  Network visibility is back with a consistent command line.

Here’s a video I made to show this line of demarkation in action

Unfortunately, I’m not very coherent in the video but I hope you get the idea.  Also, sorry for the command line not being visible while I’m typing.  Hopefully I’ll get better with this in time.

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