Go with NX-API

I’ve been working on a project to collect data from Cisco Nexus switches.  I first tackled making SNMP calls to collect counter statistics but then I thought, why not try it with the NX-API that came with the Nexus 9ks? The documentation for the APIs I hoped would be better, but the samples on github […]

A few Nexus notes

I’ve been working with OTV and Fabricpath and I thought I’d put a few pointers down that I learned that had me scratching my head for a while. 1.  To makes sure that OTV is working, the join interfaces on each side must be able to ping each other.  Let’s say that site A has […]

QoS and Jumbo Frames on the Nexus 5500

  I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to have two Nexus 5548UPs in my lab to help test upgrade problems for one of my customers.  Its been great to have some gear to play with and really try to understand how it all works together. One of the issues I’ve run up against in the past […]

FCoE with UCS C-Series

I have in my lab a C210 that I want to turn into an FCoE target storage.  I’ll write more on that in another post.  The first challenge was to get it up with FCoE.  Its attached to a pair of Nexus 5548s.  I installed RedHat Linux 6.5 on the C210 and booted up.  The […]

Change a Fabric Interconnect into a Nexus Switch

I got a Nexus 5010 from our spare parts department.  When I booted it up, lo and behold, it thought it was a UCS Fabric Interconnect 6020! As most people know the 6120XP is the same hardware as the Nexus 5010.  Only difference is that its spray painted green.  Well this particular model I got […]

Nexus 5000 Fibre Channel Configuration Notes

Create Device Aliases

Create a new zone

Create a new Zoneset