KUBAM update

While working at Cisco I developed a project called KUBAM:  A simple bare metal provision tool for UCS.  I updated the kubam.io page and am now offering support for $500 / node per year.  I couldn’t do this at Cisco because I could never get it officially recognized by the powers that be.  That is […]

Kubernetes Cron Job vs. AWS Glue

As I’ve been dealing with streaming data one of the architectural decisions I’ve had to make is how to run periodic batch jobs on the data as it comes in.  In the case of web traffic, it is logged into a database.  What my batch jobs do is take the data from the MariaDB MySQL […]

Golang: AWS SDK, Cognito and API Gateway

The situation is as follows: Create an application with the serverless framework.  This uses API Gateway, Lambda, and all kinds of cool stuff. Authenticate on the application using Cognito. Write a client that can call the API created by API gateway in Go. Steps 1-2 are covered everywhere on the internet.  My favorite reference is […]

Ingress on AWS

While looking for different options on how to run an ingress controller on AWS I found that EKS recently announced support for an open source project that creates an ALB ingress controller.  One of the advantages of an ingress rule is that I can have many services be reachable via one external load balancer.  In […]

Book Review: Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind

If you ever want to get a real perspective on the destruction our species has done to the planet and most of the other species on this earth, this is a great read.  I was fascinated by the accounts of our ancestors spreading from Africa to the rest of the world.  I read in horror […]

Last Day at Cisco

On Wednesday I attended the funeral of Brad Jackson, a beloved former Cisco colleague.  His story is not one for me to tell, but suffice to say we will all greatly miss him.  The story I can tell is the outpouring of love and support shared by the greater Cisco community and how much that […]

Book Review: Bad Blood

  I finished this book in about 1.5 weeks.  I had some airplane travel time but I was riveted.  I was appalled, saddened, and shocked at the same time.  The book is a true story about a company named Theranos founded by Stanford dropout Elizabeth Holmes that appears to have falsified and misled investors, partners, […]

Kubernetes contexts

Today we had to work on switching between two kubernetes clusters.  The commands of the day are:

It’s surprisingly not so simple.  Perhaps there are tools out there that people know of to make it easier?  What I’ve been doing is taking to ~/.kube/config files and concatenating them together.  As an example, my config […]

2018 – What did I do this year?

Big things of course! Took the whole family to Europe for 2.5 months.  This was the greatest.  Kids got such an education on this.  So happy we got to do this.  I worked with a lot of customers and internal Cisco people while over in Europe.  It was nice to finally be on their timezone […]

ESXi Kickstart and automated vCenter registration

I haven’t worked on VMware for a while but needed to work on a project to automatically install ESXi on a few servers.  I invented a tool called KUBAM that was originally for deploying Kubernetes on UCS Bare Metal (KUBAM) but have realized there are a lot of people that can benefit from the use […]