Golang: AWS SDK, Cognito and API Gateway

The situation is as follows: Create an application with the serverless framework.  This uses API Gateway, Lambda, and all kinds of cool stuff. Authenticate on the application using Cognito. Write a client that can call the API created by API gateway in Go. Steps 1-2 are covered everywhere on the internet.  My favorite reference is […]

Getting Started with AWS EMR

AWS Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) is basically a front end to an army of large EC2 instances running hadoop.  The idea is that it gets its data from S3 buckets, runs the jobs, and then stores it back in S3 buckets.  I skimmed through a book on doing it, but didn’t get much out of […]

Can AWS put out the private cloud?

TL;DR: No. Today I watched a recording of Andy Jassy at the AWS summit in San Francisco from last month.  (Yes, I have a backlog of Youtube videos I’m trying to get through and John Oliver takes precedence to AWS) The statistics he laid out were incredible: 102% YoY revenue growth for the S3 service […]

Ansible: From OSX to AWS

My goal in this post is to go from 0 to Ansible installed on my Mac and then be able to provision AWS instances ready to run Docker containers.  The code for this post is public on my github account. OSX Setup I am running OS X Yosemite.  I use brew to make things easy. […]

AWS with python

In my previous post, I set up my Mac to do python development.  Now I’m ready to launch an EC2 image using boto. Create Virtual Python Environment I have already logged into AWS and created an account.  I gave it a credit card and now I get a free server for a year that I […]