Kubernetes OnPrem Storage

Lately I came across a few bare metal servers in our lab and decided I would test some of my ideas on setting up a bare metal kubernetes cluster on these nodes.  I started thinking that if I were to do so I would need some persistent storage.  There were a few options I could […]

Docker based Jupyter Notebook on B200 M5 with Tesla P6

We have a fresh system, let’s install Docker.  Here we are using CentOS 7.5 and logged in as root. First make sure your date/clock is correct, if not, fix:

Install Docker

Install NVIDIA Docker

Following the README we do:

The output of this command should give you something like the following: […]

Go with NX-API

I’ve been working on a project to collect data from Cisco Nexus switches.  I first tackled making SNMP calls to collect counter statistics but then I thought, why not try it with the NX-API that came with the Nexus 9ks? The documentation for the APIs I hoped would be better, but the samples on github […]

Boot2Docker with Cisco AnyConnect

Boot2Docker is an OS X app used to create a virtual environment for docker.  Docker only runs on Linux, so Boot2Docker installs a VM on your mac (using virtual box) and a client that runs locally to communicate with the VM. I downloaded this and followed instructions.  You basically just install it with a few clicks.  Once […]

Why Docker Changes everything

There are many shifts we talk about in IT.  Here are 2 recent examples come to mind that most people are familiar with: The shift from physical to virtual The shift from on-prem infrastructure to cloud based consumption IT. Ultimately it is an organization with a clear vision that disrupts the status quo and creates […]

On reading about choosing between NSX and ACI

I consider myself  very fortunate to work in the IT industry.  Not only do I get to develop and deploy technologies that enhance the world we live in, but I also get more drama from the different companies than a soap opera.  Take for example the story of how Jayshree left Cisco to help build […]

ACI Tech Specs

Cisco’s new Application Centric Infrastructure play and the introduction of the Nexus 9000 seems to have turned all this SDN talk in a new direction. Remember  Novell NetWare?  You see, before operating systems came with networking you would buy NetWare software so that your PCs could talk on the network.  But soon operating systems started […]

Fusion IO: Software Defined Storage

Originally Posted Dec 14, 2012 This week I was very privileged to go to Salt Lake City to Fusion IO headquarters and get a deep dive on their technology and how it differentiates from other competitors in the high speed, low latency storage market.  (Which is really starting to just be the general storage market these days […]

Comparing HP blades to UCS in a 10 rack config

I really like infographics, so I thought I’d try to make my own.  I looked at a paper I wrote comparing 10 racks of UCS to 10 racks of HP blades.  The most astonishing numbers are the management.  My graphics can still use some work, but hey, you have to start somewhere, right?  Let me […]