Docker based Jupyter Notebook on B200 M5 with Tesla P6

We have a fresh system, let’s install Docker.  Here we are using CentOS 7.5 and logged in as root.

First make sure your date/clock is correct, if not, fix:

Install Docker

Install NVIDIA Docker

Following the README we do:

The output of this command should give you something like the following:

We can now run the python notebook to get started with Tensorflow

This will give us a session.  The session will look something like this:

Take note of the token printed out above.  Yours will look different.  Since this is running on a server, we will open an SSH tunnel to be able to talk to the Jupyter notebook

We can now open our web browser to http://localhost:9999.  This will then redirect us to the :8888 port on the server.  This way we can access our machine.  It will ask us for a token.  Now we can put the token that was outputted when we started the docker container.

After entering the token we can go through the Jupyter Notebook Tensorflow tutorials.

Using Docker is a ton easier than installing everything on this server by hand.  We did omit some of the nvidia driver setup requirements found in my previous post.