About Me


As of February 2019 I work at Zenabi Data.  This company is built on automating AI pipelines and focused on marketing and conversion analytics.


I’ve worked at: Cisco, Sumavi, and IBM.

  • Cisco: Worked on Data Center Automation, Cloud, OpenStack, Kubernetes, and Infrastructure.  I absolutely loved it at Cisco.  Such incredible people and great opportunities.  I still can’t believe I left such a great job.  A total dream job!
  • Sumavi: I founded this company with the goal to make bare metal provisioning enterprise ready!  Great success and had a great time.
  • IBM: I focused on using and developing the open source xCAT project to solve data center management problems for large scale systems.  I loved it here and worked with great people!

I’ve created several iPhone applications and help friends get their businesses online doing an odd job of web coding here and there.


DevOps, Applications, Infrastructure as Code, AI, Automating all the things.

The parallel universe:

I also enjoy long walks on the beach and watching gladiators wrestle.