Golang: AWS SDK, Cognito and API Gateway

The situation is as follows: Create an application with the serverless framework.  This uses API Gateway, Lambda, and all kinds of cool stuff. Authenticate on the application using Cognito. Write a client that can call the API created by API gateway in Go. Steps 1-2 are covered everywhere on the internet.  My favorite reference is…

Cassandra Startup with Docker and Golang

I use Docker:  

(Notice that using boot2docker or docker machine on virtual box doesn’t work very well because the directories are created under different user name.  You have two choices:  Don’t mount persistent directories with boot2docker or log into the virtual box guest (docker-machine ssh dev) and launch the container there.) Make sure…

Cisco Spark APIs

I’m super excited that Cisco Spark finally gave us some APIs that we can develop into 3rd party apps.  As I’ve been doing more development and have several projects I need to do, we’ve been using Cisco Spark for collaboration.  Not having APIs was the one thing keeping me off of it for several projects….


Go with NX-API

I’ve been working on a project to collect data from Cisco Nexus switches.  I first tackled making SNMP calls to collect counter statistics but then I thought, why not try it with the NX-API that came with the Nexus 9ks? The documentation for the APIs I hoped would be better, but the samples on github…