Ubuntu 18.04 Jump server setup

In my environment I have limited IP addresses, so we’re creating a new network and then allowing one server, the jump server, to sit between these network.  To do this, my jump server, aka: jump104 is “dual-homed”.  This means it has two network adapters:  One on the public network, and one on the internal private […]

Configure VMware from scratch without Windows

One of the things that bugs me about vCenter (still) is that it is still very tied to the Windows operating system.  You have to have Windows to set it up and trying to go about without Windows is still somewhat difficult.  In my lab I’m trying to get away from doing Windows.  I have […]

FCoE with UCS C-Series

I have in my lab a C210 that I want to turn into an FCoE target storage.  I’ll write more on that in another post.  The first challenge was to get it up with FCoE.  Its attached to a pair of Nexus 5548s.  I installed RedHat Linux 6.5 on the C210 and booted up.  The […]

IBM Advanced Management Module Java Setup for Linux

Here’s a common problem: You have a Linux server and you want to open up the AMM and look at the remote video of one of your IBM blades. You do it and you see a nasty note telling you that you need to download java for this to work. Well, that’s true, but there’s […]

More notes on ESXi 4.1 Kickstart

ESXi 4.1 kickstart is adequate for most things but I still have several issues with it that I consider ‘bugs’: 1.  If you’re not connected to a network, it doesn’t work.  This is fine since most people will be on a network with VMware anyway right?  Fine, I’ll let this one slide.  But if you […]

More reverse VNC ssh

on machine behind firewall do this: vncserver :99 ssh -R 5999:localhost:5999 user@box.on.the.internet.com From my OSX machine: vncviewer -via user@box.on.the.internet.com :99

Adding a Window Manager after Basic Install

Update:  Run this instead:

Sometimes I’ll do a basic install without any window manager (like gnome) and then want to add it after I’m done. This is most easily done by doing: yum -y install gnome-desktop gnome-session gnome-applets gnome-panel gnome-utils gnome-screensaver Once done do: startx And you’re good!

Compiling NWChem

Today I compiled NWChem on my IBM Intel InfiniBand cluster.  I have no idea if my performance is optimal, but I do know that it works. Here is the secret to my success: First, you have to set some path variables to get things running.  This is set in my home directory: cat ~/.bashrc


x3650 M2 boot issue with QLogic HBAs

After wasting two days trying to figure out why my x3650 M2 would NOT boot off the hard drive when the fiber connections were on my QLogic HBA, I searched my IBM help list. As usual, the internal labs were not very helpful due to the fact that they didn’t have the equipment. The technical […]

Update RHEL4 AS U 4 to CentOS 5.3

I found this great migration guide here on how to go from RHEL4 to CentOS 5.3.  The article is actually older so just going to CentOS 5, but the concepts were nearly the same, just changes in the versions of the packages. Some deviations: 1.  Copy the Base Media DVD to the RH4 machine first.  […]