Ansible: From OSX to AWS

My goal in this post is to go from 0 to Ansible installed on my Mac and then be able to provision AWS instances ready to run Docker containers.  The code for this post is public on my github account. OSX Setup I am running OS X Yosemite.  I use brew to make things easy….

More reverse VNC ssh

on machine behind firewall do this: vncserver :99 ssh -R 5999:localhost:5999 From my OSX machine: vncviewer -via :99

vnc on MacOS

Everyone raves about Chicken of the VNC on OSX but the version I have doesn’t have ssh forwarding… something I really need. So here is how I got a good vnc. First: sudo port search vnc That listed some vnc clients. I first tried just standard vnc.  But somewhere in the middle my files got…