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Here is my list of apps I’ve had on the back burner that I’m hoping to have some time in Q42023 to work on. None of these domains work yet, but they all will use the same base app:


Intrigued? Yes, I thought you might be. Well here’s the description and the pitch for each of them:

Weight With Friends

Let’s say you want to lose weight. You also thrive under peer pressure. This is your app! Here’s how it works:

  1. You sign up, enter your weight, decide if you want to share your weight or just percentage change.
  2. You form a group, invite your friends
  3. You decide on the end date.
  4. Everyone weighs in every day and enters it into weight with friends. Weight with friends then sends everyone in the group a notification.
  5. The person who lost the most percentage in that time frame wins!

How does it make money?

  1. 30 day weight with friend groups are free. Go ahead and sign up and start a new group after the 30 days expires.
  2. If you want a longer challenge it costs $30/year for the group moderator.

It won’t make a lot of money but I’m ready to try it out with my friends.

Oh has this app already been created? Probably. I don’t care, I just like building things.

Recipe Tumble

This is your basic family recipe site. You own it. No annoying ads, no annoying sell me more things. Just a good solid service. I’m making this for my wife’s family. I already created for them but that hasn’t been updated in 10 years. This is to modernize it.

Tur Gyd

This is your basic Turo/AirBnB/Uber for Tourguides. Probably a lot to do here and designs, but I’ll save that for a future post.

But here’s the thing, all of these apps are the same:

  1. Basic Python FastAPI in the back.
  2. React Front end.
  3. MariaDB storage

So that just makes it nice to build a few things and try them out. The last time I did this I had two apps I created:


I figure each time I get a little better and the apps are fun to make. The one I’ve really enjoyed lately is I get alerts in my slack messages everyday about deals I find from PDX (right now Europe is so cheap as I write this!). I even updated it to give me alerts on a cruise I’m taking to see if prices go lower.

The point is, programming is fun, but what I really like about it is building things. I am probably too old for this, but here we are.

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