The Renaissance 1,000 Challenge

Oh you want it all? Think you are complete? Ok: here’s the challenge to be the new renaissance person:

  1. You must publish a book that has some success. I’m not talking self publish but go with a major publishing house. Ok, if you’re famous already maybe you can just self publish. Anyway, let’s make this an easy goal: It has to have been read by 1,000 people.
  2. You must write a song that also has some success. You either perform it, have someone else perform it or just write it. I’m fine with any of those. This song should be played by 1,000 people.
  3. You should start a business that has 1,000 customers. Happy customers. This should be the same business. Yeah, you could go start a few, but let’s just keep it easy with one.
  4. You should be fit and look good. This means you have run a marathon while performing goals 1-3. You should have a body mass index (BMI) between 18.5 – 24.9. How can we put 1,000 in this? I guess you have to look good for 1,000 days. That’s less than 3 years, about the time it will take you to accomplish goals 1-3.
  5. You should be able to speak 1,000 words in another language. I’m not sure how to track this. Let’s just say have a fluent conversation with someone.
  6. 1,000 hours in a foreign country. That’s a little more than a month. Seems good.

So those are all self centered goals for a person. But a true renaissance individual also looks out for others. To that end:

  1. 1,000 hours of service per year. Should be more but lets go with that.
  2. Give away more than $1,000. This should be easy for a lot of people, so let’s make it $1,000 per quarter. Also probably really easy for some people. See if you can make this harder. $1,000 to more than 1,000 people? You have more disposable money than me. But maybe $1 million over your lifetime is a good goal. I mean, if you have the company and the book deal and the song from the first few goals, this should be easy.

Ok, ready to start the Renaissance 1000 challenge? Let’s go!

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