ESXi 4.1 and HP BL460c G6 with Mezzenine card

Had an issue where I would install CentOS on these HP blades and I would be able to see 16 nics.  But when I installed ESXi 4.1 I only saw 8 nics.  16 is the right number because each flexNIC has 4 vNics.  So with 4 of these, I wanted to see some serious bandwidth.  […]

Expect and HP Virtual Connect configuration

Perhaps you are more patient than I am or enjoy the HP web interface for virtual connect.  I can’t stand it .  It makes me wait too long and when I have multiple chassis chained together creating server profiles takes forever.  In fact, I had to create them all then wait.. then find out it […]

State of xCAT on HP Blades

I had the opportunity this week to test drive xCAT on HP blades. I had a c7000 chassis with some spiffy BL460c G6s. The configuration is very straight forward. We’ve updated the xCAT Install Guide to include how to configure the blades and I think we’ll be doing a lot more. Currently on these blades […]