Unauthorized UCS Invicta usage

I had a UCS Invicta that I needed to change from a scaling appliance (where more than one invicta node is managed by several others) to a stand alone appliance.  I thought this could be done in the field but at this point I don’t think its an option still.  The below info is just some things I tried in a lab and I’m pretty sure are not supported by Cisco.

While the UCS Invicta appliance has had its share of negative press and setbacks, I still have pretty high hopes for this flash array.  Primarily because the operating system is so well designed for solid state media.  Its different, full featured, and I think offers a lot of value for anyone in need of fast storage. (everyone?)

First step was to take out the Infiniband card and put in the fibre channel cards.  I put it in the exact spot the IB card was in.

putting the FC card in the Invicta


I had to change IP address.  Booted up.  Pressed F8, changed the IP address to and didn’t touch the password.

The default CIMC password to login was admin / d3m0n0w! (source)


It takes forever to boot up because there is no InfiniBand card in the appliance anymore.  I took it out and replaced with a fibre channel HBA that came in one of the SSRs that managed the nodes.

The default console user/password is  console / cisco1 (source)

This didn’t work for me I thought because whoever had the system before me changed it.  Fortunately for me, this is Linux.  Rebooted the system and added ‘single’ to the grub menu.   Yes, I securely compromised the system.  Such is the power of the Linux user.


Once on the command line I entered the passwd command to change the root password into something I could log in with.  I took a look at the /etc/passwd table and noticed that there was no console user.  Hmm, guess that’s why I couldn’t log in.

I then rebooted.


There were three commands that looked pretty promising.  After digging around I found:


/usr/local/tools/invicta/menu  and the accompanying   menu.sh  command.



I tried all these and then rebooted the system.  Nothing seemed to indicate any progress as to turning this node into a stand alone appliance.  I have a few emails out and if I figure it out, I’ll post an update.