A Full Bitcoin Client

I’ve been using bitcoin for a few years now but have only used my own wallets, Coinbase, and some other stuff.  I thought I should make a full client and put it on the network!

I used Metacloud (Cisco OpenStack Private Cloud) and spun up an extra large Ubuntu 14.04 instance that we had!  I logged in and did the following:

From there I looked at the doc/build-unix.md and followed the instructions. They worked perfectly!

Once that is done, you can start the bitcoin client by running:

It will tell you that you need to set a password and will suggest one for you.  Take the suggestion and create the file ~/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf and copy the password in there.  It might look like:

Now you can start it:

This will take a while to download the blockchain.  You can see all the blocks as they’ll be downloaded to the ~/.bitcoin/blocks directory.

But now we have it!  A node in the bitcoin service!