Jenkins Spark integration

You can make Jenkins publish messages to spark after or during builds.  Here’s how we do this:

1. Get the spark room ID that you want to use:

This will give you a list of rooms.  From here, you can find the room you want and get the ID of the room: Something like: Y2lzY29zcGFtxuovL3VzL1JPT00vOWRhMjY1MDAtOWY2Zi0xMWU1LTg0ODQtNzczOTMxZTUxMGE3

2.  In jenkins we can now notify the room of a build before the build or after the build by using the execute command plugin.  Putting a simple curl command like the below will create the command necessary to notify the spark room:

Just substitute in the roomId and Authorization token.  You can also create a person using a different email account to make a ‘jenkins user’.