Cassandra Startup with Docker and Golang

I use Docker:


(Notice that using boot2docker or docker machine on virtual box doesn’t work very well because the directories are created under different user name.  You have two choices:  Don’t mount persistent directories with boot2docker or log into the virtual box guest (docker-machine ssh dev) and launch the container there.)

Make sure its up:


Now lets create a Keyspace (or Database in SQL terms).  Connect to it by connecting to cassandra where the 9042 port is mapped:

Here we see that port 9042 is mapped to 32769.  To connect we run:

Now we can create the keyspace:


Now let’s use it with a Go program.

Our code is pretty simple:

If that worked then you created an entry and go data back.  You are now off to the races writing golang code to a cassandra database.


  1. Scale out to multiple cassandra servers
  2. Show how this works in