Drone Secrets

I was really happy to see the Drone Secret’s page describe how to put secrets in a .drone.yml file.  Checking passwords into repositories is a big no-no.

Still, there were some clarity in the docs I would have liked.  Here’s step by step.

1. Install drone

Yep. This is the mac client.  I did the manual way

2.  Set environment variables

You have Drone up, set the following in your .bash_profile or .login

The DRONE_TOKEN you can get by logging into drone and clicking on your profile.  The settings area has that.

3.  Create the secrets.yml file as shown in the docs.

4.  Convert and check in!

5.  Secrets can be accessed in the .drone.yml file with the $${VARIABLE}

The example below shows the QUAY_PASSWD variable.