KVM with RHEL5.4

Installing KVM with RHEL5.4 is pretty easy.  These were some of my notes that I hope you can somewhat follow along with. I have since done it with RHEL5.5 with the same results. Here’s how I got my virtual machine up: 1. Install Packages [cc lang=”bash”] yum -y install kvm python-virtinst libvirt libvirt-python virt-manager virt-viewer…

Adding a Window Manager after Basic Install

Update:  Run this instead:

Sometimes I’ll do a basic install without any window manager (like gnome) and then want to add it after I’m done. This is most easily done by doing: yum -y install gnome-desktop gnome-session gnome-applets gnome-panel gnome-utils gnome-screensaver Once done do: startx And you’re good!