Rails API Testing or “You’ve been doing it wrong”

For the last several years I’ve been developing Ruby on Rails applications.  Nothing fancy, and most of them just failed projects that didn’t go anywhere.  During all this time I’ve trolled documentation on testing the app, saying “That would be nice to do one day”, but I’ve finally had enough and I want to change […]

Installing Cisco DCNM on Red Hat Linux

DCNM is Cisco’s GUI for managing MDS and Nexus products.  It’s pretty great for getting a visual of how things are configured and performing. I thought I would go into a little more detail than I’ve seen posted online about installing DCNM on RedHat Linux.  In this example we’ll be installing two servers.  One server […]

The CCIE Data Center Certification Process

  On July 9th, 2014 I passed the CCIE Data Center lab exam in San Jose earning me the CCIE certification.  Hurray!  When my team heard that I had done it, their response was:  If Vallard can do it, so can I!  Ha ha.  So needless to say a few more people have started down […]

1000v in and out of vCenter

I was setting up the Nexus 1110 (aka: virtual service appliance, aka: VSA) with one of our best customers and as we were doing it the appliance rebooted never to come up again without completely reinstalling the firmware from the remote media.  Most of this was probably my fault because I didn’t follow the docs […]

Nexus 1000v – A kinder gentler approach

One of the issues skeptical Server Administrators have with the 1000v is that they don’t like the management interface being subject to a virtual machine.  Even though the 1000v can be configured so that if the VSM gets disconnected/powered-off/blownup the system ports can still be forwarded.  But that is voodoo.  Most say:  Give me a […]

Teaching Kids to Program

I get asked a lot from different parents about teaching their kids to write computer programs.  “What is a good way to get started?” , “How did you get into it?”.  As my oldest child is now 9 I’ve been frequently asking myself the same question.  I feel it is very important that young people […]

Fabric Interconnect Failover tests

The default timeout for failover of a UCS fabric Interconnect is 5 seconds. Want to change that? Check this out. If you fail over the primary fabric interconnect (which UCS manager will be running on) you’ll be logged out of UCS manager.  No worry, just wait 5 seconds and log back in.  You’ll be up on the primary. […]

CCIE Data Center Exam

The CCIE Data Center exam was announced in March of this year.  The list of topics is quite comprehensive.  I for one was stoked to see it announced as I wasn’t even thinking about doing a CCIE until this came up. After some prodding from my team mates, I signed up for the Beta written […]

Cisco UCS Role Based Access Control

One of the cool things that UCS allows you to do is create a place where different users of different organizations can go to to configure their pools of resources.  Its a common goal for many organizations to reduce duplication and allow agility and flexibility.  A multi-tenant solution that has been talked about can actually […]

App crazy

I’ve been going a little app crazy to start out this year, and I’m very pleased with the results.  With the help of others, I’ve released updates to the two Cisco based apps: UCS Tech Specs, and FlexPod Tech Specs.  And I’ve finally released the xCAT iOS client!  Hurray! I’ve been doing all this for […]