VMworld 2011 Sessions Posted

I am super excited for VMworld 2011 and I’ve already got my tickets, hotel (at the Venetian!) and dates ready to roll!  I was scrolling through the long list of sessions and found tons that seem really interesting to me. I submitted two sessions: #2815 “Secrets of ESXi Automated Installations” and #2642 “Pimp my ESXi […]

Virtual Machine Song

We wrote a song called “Virtual Machine” that can be freely downloaded here. (right click to download) Some of my friends and I have been writing and performing songs for over 20 years.  Occasionally we’ll get together and work on something even though I’m separated from them by about 1,000 miles.  This song we had sitting […]

ESXi 4.1 and HP BL460c G6 with Mezzenine card

Had an issue where I would install CentOS on these HP blades and I would be able to see 16 nics.  But when I installed ESXi 4.1 I only saw 8 nics.  16 is the right number because each flexNIC has 4 vNics.  So with 4 of these, I wanted to see some serious bandwidth.  […]

ImageX Windows 2008 with vCenter Server

With xCAT I used the imagex capabilities to clone a machine (virtual machine) with vCenter on it and now I’m installing that captured image to another virtual machine.  One reason I do it this way as opposed to creating a VM Template is that now I’m able to deploy to physical and virtual servers.  In […]

ESXi 4.1 command line awesomeness

I spend a lot of time on the command line of ESXi 4.1 due to my development duties at Sumavi.  There are quite a few things you can do on the command line that make it pretty cool to work with.  As such, in many instances I don’t install vSphere Server nor vSphere client.  I […]

VMware API code to mount NFS Datastore on ESX host.

Since I posted this to the VMware user group today I figured I might as well post this to my blog as well: Lets say you have a datastore that has a mount point /install/vm directory. You want to mount that datastore onto host vhost04 so you can start creating VMs. Here is how […]

ESXi 4.1: setting license via command line

Setting the license at the command line is done with the following command: [cc lang=”bash”] vim-cmd vimsvc/license [/cc] If you run it you’ll see that one of the options is to –set=string. But if you run it like this: [cc lang=”bash”] vim-cmd vimsvc/license –set=XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXX11 [/cc] You will get an error. The right way to do […]

VMware API in Perl

Here’s a simple example to connect to a hypervisor [cc lang=”perl”] #!/usr/bin/perl use Data::Dumper; require VMware::VIRuntime; VMware::VIRuntime->import(); use strict; # try logging into a node: my $conn; my $hyp = shift || ‘vhost31′; print “performing action on $hyp\n”; eval { $conn = Vim->new(service_url=>”https://$hyp/sdk”); $conn->login(user_name=>’root’,password=>’cluster’); }; [/cc] Now you probably want to do something since you’re […]

More notes on ESXi 4.1 Kickstart

ESXi 4.1 kickstart is adequate for most things but I still have several issues with it that I consider ‘bugs’: 1.  If you’re not connected to a network, it doesn’t work.  This is fine since most people will be on a network with VMware anyway right?  Fine, I’ll let this one slide.  But if you […]