VMworld 2011 Sessions Posted

I am super excited for VMworld 2011 and I’ve already got my tickets, hotel (at the Venetian!) and dates ready to roll!  I was scrolling through the long list of sessions and found tons that seem really interesting to me.

I submitted two sessions:

#2815 “Secrets of ESXi Automated Installations”


#2642 “Pimp my ESXi Kickstart Install”

They both will talk about mainly the same thing:  Getting ESXi onto bare metal and look at some free tools to do it with but the focus will mostly be on the configuration parameters inside the %post and %firstboot sections and how to use them.  We’ll also talk about the mod.tgz secrets that I use to deploy stateless ESXi and how it works when the machine reboots.  I actually didn’t think VMware would approve the title “Pimp my ESXi Kickstart Install” but hey, it got there!  So I guess we’ll see if I have to deliver any of them or not.  Either way, presenting or attending, I will enjoy attending VMworld 2011.

So if you don’t vote for me there were some others that looked pretty cool.  #l1940 10 Best Free Tools for vSphere Management in 2011 I’m sure will make the list.  (And I’m bummed that they’ll probably not look at xCAT which to me has more power behind it than most tools… the problem is its too undocumented… )

1956 The ESXi Quiz show is something I’m sure I’ll enjoy. and I’ll probably attend a few on power cli to see what the fuss is about.  (I’m a Linux guy so this shows how open minded I am.) and #2964 looks really good “Building products on top of VMware”.  I think I’d demand they present it if they rename it “Build products on top of VMware so that VMware will want to buy your company”.

Anyway, happy voting!

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