New Adventures: Hello Cisco

I’ve left the startup world and gone back to the corporate world.  Tomorrow is my first day at Cisco where I will be a Consulting Systems Engineer! My role will be customer facing and speaking with customers in the state, local government, and higher education sectors and showing them the benefits of the Cisco Unified […]

Another Reason for xCAT

Another testament of the power of xCAT was shown to me today.  We had a machine with an amber light on it, meaning:  “Something is wrong with this server”.  The system engineer came out and reseated everything.  Then they went through and replaced the entire system board thinking that would help.  When that didn’t solve […]

css positioning: relative and absolute

We were working on our menu bar and the css was killing me.  So after finally reading some stuff on the web and some experimentation I figured it out. Basically, it came down to these two rules: Rule #1:  Absolutely positioned elements use relatively positioned elements as anchors.  If no parent relatively positioned object exists, […]

User interface design

At Sumavi these last few weeks we’ve been waging war on our user interface design.  Its been great, and I think we’re winning but we’ll wait to hear more from our users.  We will never be satisfied and we’ll keep looking to improve it.  So as we continue to research human computer interface design there […]