IPMI Settings

On a node to set IPMI settings:
ipmitool lan set 1 ipaddr
ipmitool lan set 1 netmask
ipmitool lan set 1 arp respond on
ipmitool user set password 1 admin
ipmitool lan set 1 access on
ipmitool lan set 1 user
ipmitool lan set 1 auth ADMIN PASSWORD
ipmitool user enable 1

To access it now remotely:
ipmitool -H -P admin chassis status

Some more stuff I had to do on another system that was a Penguin machine:

ipmitool user list 2

ipmitool user priv 2 4 2  (sets userid 2 to permission4 (which is administrator) on channel 2)

  • http://blog.gingergeek.com Lee Calcote

    Assuming you’re usin one, which BMC are you using in this example?

  • http://benincosa.com Vallard

    IBM iDataPlex dx360 M2

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