updating iDataPlex IMM firmware

Easiest way is to do it remotely. First, get the package from IBM, then copy the file to some directory. Then do the following:

chmod 755 ibm_fw_imm_yuoo*
./ibm_fw_imm_yuoo48d_linux_32-64.bin -x .

Now you have a bunch of files in this directory. This machine could be a laptop or whatever. Now you can remotely update the IMM as long as you are connected to it through the network.

Do this:
./iflash64 –package imm_yuoo48d.upd –host i01-imm –user xcat –password f00bar

(Here, my host is the IP address of the IMM) Then my userid and password are there. )

The output is as follows:
IBM Command Line IMM Flash Update Utility v1.5
Licensed Materials – Property of IBM
(C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2009 All Rights Reserved.

Connected to IMM at IP address
Update package firmware type: IMM
Update package build level: YUOO48D
Target’s current build level: YUOO24H

Would you like to continue with the update? y/n: y

The IMM is preparing to receive the update.

Transferring image: 100%
Transfer complete.
Validating image.
Updating firmware: 100%
Update complete.

You’ll then need to wait a few seconds for it to become reactivated.

Note: Adding the -s flag will make it so that you are not prompted and works for doing lots of them.

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