The State of My iPhone

The State of my iPhone is good.  I’m super happy with it, and its by far the best phone I’ve ever had.  I can’t say I’ve ever had a blackberry, but from what I’ve seen from the competition I have not been impressed.  So I remain an Apple fan, and I don’t think the Android phone is ever going to beat it.  The iPhone is to smart phones as Disneyland is to amusement parks.  There are some that have compelling offerings, like open source, an open market, or a faster/bigger roller coaster.  But having the business model where the entire experience is completely controlled is what makes Apple work, and probably the reason they are cringing at AT&T every day.

Since I’ve gone to the iPhone 3.0.1 I’ve stopped jail breaking my phone.  The only reason I had jailbroken the phone in the past was because I wanted tethering, video, and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

The video now comes with the iPhone 3GS, but on my iPhone 3G, I don’t have such luxury.  But it turns out I didn’t use it all that much.  So no big loss.  Also the footage I came out with wasn’t all that great.  I guess I don’t have that exciting of a life.  So no big deal losing that.


Tethering is the act of using your iPhone as a modem for your PC to get you on line.  I used to use PDA net from the jail break stuff.  But my friend recently showed me the link below:

From here it was easy to get tethering.  I opened the above URL from my iPhone, followed the prompts, and now my iPhone can get my computer on line and I can do work.

As far as Mike Tyson’s Punch out, I think I’ll be content after having made it to Bald Bull 2.  So I no longer have an NES emulator on my iPhone.

Application Updates

My top apps:

  1. Pandora
  2. Facebook
  3. TweedtDeck
  4. Classics
  5. The Weather Channel
  6. iSSH
  7. Shakespeare
  8. Constitution
  9. AP Mobile
  10. Bump
  11. vlingo
  12. GPSLite

The last 3 are ones that my friend just introduced me to.

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