UCS Tech Specs

UCS Tech Specs

My first iOS app has been published on iTunes! It’s called UCS Tech Specs. The purpose of the app was really just to help me get more familiar with the Cisco UCS product line. I have a hard time searching for tech sheets on my computer that have all the details people ask me about a specific server. Having it in an iPhone app is pretty handy! I hope it helps other people as well.

What does it do?
It has technical specifications for the most common UCS products. The fabric interconnects, IO modules, different blades, etc. If someone were to ask you: “How many DIMM slots are available on a C250 M2?” then you could quickly look it up. It’s basically just a series of tables that allow you to drill down to different components of a UCS product.

Who will support it going forward?
Me. I plan on spending an hour or two each month updating with the latest parts. The more people that use it, the more time I’ll spend supporting it. The way I’ve set up the app makes it really easy to add or remove components.

What are future enhancements we’ll see in this app?
There are two main features I’d like to add:
1. I’d like to make the iPad app a little different. I’d like to add bigger pictures, and more interactive.
2. I’d like to make the app check for updates if there is a internet connection. That way, I wouldn’t have to update it in Xcode for changes. It would pull updates from an Internet site. This would make updates faster and make it easier for other people to add changes to the app without having to muck around with the code. I’m working on that right now.

I have a suggestion/comment/correction/complaint for you, how should I get it to you?
I’d love any feedback you have. Just email/twitter/comments here. If you just want to talk about iOS and why my app sucks, that’s ok too.

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