2018 – What did I do this year?

Big things of course!

  • Took the whole family to Europe for 2.5 months.  This was the greatest.  Kids got such an education on this.  So happy we got to do this.  I worked with a lot of customers and internal Cisco people while over in Europe.  It was nice to finally be on their timezone to do this!
  • Rewrote the https://kubam.io project including back end and front end.  We used this at a few banks here and there worldwide.  I did not do this alone and had lots of help.  I got to spend one week this year in Spain at the offices of one of the banks writing the code and making it work for them.  We added CentOS 7.5, RHV, ESX 6.7 and other operating system support.  I created some Ansible playbooks for this as well that we showed to a few customers.
  • Mentored several Cisco employees.  We worked in Prague for a week on building Windows support for KUBAM as well as all the backend fixes.  Really glad I got to be a part of that.
  • Kept up with our blockchain project!  I worked on this with Sana Abo helal the whole year.  We are just about finished.  Basically, its an IoT device system that allows you to subscribe to streaming feeds of other IoT devices using Ethereum.  I believe what blockchain is lacking is NOT another proprietary blockchain, but instead applications that can run on the blockchain.  Our Ashya project creates no new tokens and uses Ethereum as the way to subscribe.  We also make use of YOLO to send object recognition data to the subscribers!
  • DEVNETCoin.  This was a smart contract that I made for the Blockchain talks I do with Tom Davies.  We did this talk at Cisco Live EUR (Barcelona, Feb 2018), CodeMotion (Amsterdam, May 2018), Cisco Live US (Orlando, Jun 2018), and Cisco Live LATAM (Cancún, Dec 2018).  We are scheduled to do it again in Barcelona Jan 2019.  We are always adding things to it.  The last iteration we added the Metamask Web3JS libraries so people could buy the coins from their browsers if they had Metamask.
  • I spent a lot of time doing Kubernetes work for customers.  Mainly with the Cisco Container Platform.  Setting up a Hyperflex lab with ACI has been a lot of fun.  It’s still not 100% but there is lots to be proud of.  I wrote several articles on CCP including persistent volumes and integration with App Dynamics.  Trying to push the messaging on CCP has been a big push for me since September when I’ve really embraced it.  I’ll be delivering a 4 hour technical seminar on writing applications for on premise Kubernetes clusters in Jan 2019.  Yes of course you can come!
  • Helped Pete Johnson with the Fonk Apps Project.  This project may still be ahead of its time but I think if we work on it we’ll be able to have some interesting things for on-prem serverless activities.  I’m really pumped about writing applications this way.
  • Created a DEVNET sandbox lab on Tensorflow.  I guess we didn’t quite launch it, but we are very close!  I’ll be making sure it is up for the new year.
  • Education: Finished the Deep Learning specialization on Coursera!  Lots of work for this! Recertified the CCIE, and of course felt like I was learning something new like every day!  I worked on Minio, Kubernetes, Kubeless, Web3JS, Metamask, Keras, Tensorflow, Kafka,… feels like everyday I’m trying to figure out something new.  My ReactJS skills are better as are my python.  I didn’t do a lot of Golang this year unfortunately.  While Python is not my favorite it is still quite useful since UCS, ACI, and deep learning libs are all written in this language.

Blockchain, Kubernetes, and Tensorflow, oh my!  It’s not fair that I get to play with all the cool stuff.  I look forward to a very exciting 2019 and wish all you the best!