Ingress on AWS

While looking for different options on how to run an ingress controller on AWS I found that EKS recently announced support for an open source project that creates an ALB ingress controller.  One of the advantages of an ingress rule is that I can have many services be reachable via one external load balancer.  In the research I found that the EKS ALB ingress controller does not have that feature.  Instead for each ingress rule it creates a new ALB!  That sort of defeats the purpose of what I’m looking for.  As such, I’ll be going back to good old trusted NGINX.  NGINX is great in that it supports TLS and I can attach it to one NLB.

There may be features NLB lacks that ALB has, but for now this is the option I will role with.  I just wish someone would have told me that as it cost me about 2 hours of research.

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